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How to teach yourself to be smart?

We all think we are smart. We think intelligence is inborn and the world is divided among smart people (like us), not so smart people (others) and geniuses (above us). We find false sense of comfort in the fact that … Continue reading

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Why do Russians buy luxury?

Russia is among the biggest markets in terms of luxury consumption. Explaining this phenomenon with the number of billionaires would be an oversimplification. Although it appeared with capitalism, one needs to study the history of Russia to understand the reasons. … Continue reading

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How to lead experts when you are not one?

So you’ve got the dream Brand Manager role or just been assigned to lead the coolest multi-functional marketing project. It is high profile and rich in resource, be it funding or manpower. But there is one problem. You have to work … Continue reading

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Digital tips for Brand Managers

Brand Managers (BM) continue to be the key engines of the marketing world. However, are these single-brand focused, TV and print advertising driven, one sided communication masters, ready to face the digital earthquake happening today? Neil McElroy (26), the bright … Continue reading

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