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How to live an extraordinary life with an ordinary routine

It all started when my daughter was born and my life changed forever. I had almost no free time anymore. At the same time, I was fighting my way to the next level at work. My responsibilities kept growing while … Continue reading

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Are you a 40 year old mediocre?

Let me describe you a friend of mine. He is 40 years old. He works as a senior finance manager in a respectable company, earning a normal salary. He’s not very passionate about his job as his learning curve slowed down … Continue reading

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How to get promoted? (fast)

Have you ever worked very hard for a promotion and got passed over? Was it delayed by indefinite duration of time like months or years? Or worse, you were told in a vague way that the company doesn’t intend to … Continue reading

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How to teach yourself to be smart?

We all think we are smart. We think intelligence is inborn and the world is divided among smart people (like us), not so smart people (others) and geniuses (above us). We find false sense of comfort in the fact that … Continue reading

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