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A new generation of Russians changing the workplace

You must have noticed them if you take the subway: Aged between 20-30, white earphones on, boys with ruffled hair stylishly laid over forehead with occasional stubble, or well-groomed girls with multi-color nail polish on each finger wearing work-like outfit … Continue reading

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How to lead Russian organizations to peak performance

The Russian business is made up of complete mosaic with its short history of only 20 years. A new generation of promising young Russians are joining an older workforce whose adult working life was marked by the fall of communism. … Continue reading

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Why do Russians buy luxury?

Russia is among the biggest markets in terms of luxury consumption. Explaining this phenomenon with the number of billionaires would be an oversimplification. Although it appeared with capitalism, one needs to study the history of Russia to understand the reasons. … Continue reading

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How to win with the Russian consumers?

Despite its 1.86 Trillion dollar GDP and 9th ranking in world economy, Russian market continues to be a challenge for many brands. Russia caught the hyper growth after 2000 thanks to political stability and increasing oil prices. As a result, … Continue reading

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